Who we are

Jellybeans Food for Kids is an arm of the 501(3)C organization, Love Thy Neighbor, was started in 2020 to address the growing need of feeding hungry children.  From the start of the pandemic and still today, food distribution for those in need has changed.  The snack bags offer an easy and discreet way for them to be distributed to kids in need.  Each snack bag contains a fruit, a protein, a drink, a snack and a sweet treat.  


The organization has distributed over 4,000 snack bags and over $6,000 in non-perishable food items in the last three years, doubling in growth each year.  The board of directors has recently expanded in an effort to continue to grow the organizations reach at helping feed hungry kids.



Founding Members

Current Board of Directors

Jellybeans Food for Kids is an arm of the 501(3)c organization, Love Thy Neighbor.  We have our own budget and a smaller board that is working with Love Thy Neighbor for greater outreach to our community.  We appreciate their support and guidance.