What we do

Jellybeans Food For Kids collects food items and donations to support organizations who can distribute the items to kids in need.   Our donations are delivered twice a month after collection to PediPlace.

PediaPlace is a non-profit pediatric healthcare practice for children from birth through eighteen years of age who are uninsured or who receive Medicaid or CHIP benefits.  The mission is making healthcare a reality for every kid. 


PediPlace is able to fill the needs of the community, such as food, hygiene products, and clothing, in part through donations from Jellybeans Food for Kids.

The following is an excerpt from a thank you letter received from PediPlace that is a great representation of the difference this organization makes to our community. .

 “During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we saw a huge increase in basic needs for our families. During that difficult time, the JellyBeans Food for Kids stepped in and brought in snack bags and canned goods for our patients and their families. Without the JellyBeans Food for Kids in partnership with Love Thy Neighbor, we would not be able to provide meals to our struggling patient families. All that you have done does not go unnoticed. The families have been so thankful and expressed much gratitute for these meals during a time when they were not sure they would have food on the table for their children. Our staff is very appreciative that you all stepped up to the challenge of providing for the patients that are in their care. Your hard work and dedication to PediPlace is amazing, and we cannot thank you enough for all that you do.”