Snack Bags

Snack bags are our primary method of feeding kids in our community. What is a Snack Bag?

Snack Bags are actual bags (lunch bag, grocery bag, ziploc bag) filled with the following:
● A drink (water bottle, juice box, protein drink)
● A fruit (fruit cups or applesauce with a spoon)
● A protein (cheese crackers, single serving peanut butter, protein bar, meat stick, mac
cheese cups)
● A snack (goldfish, pretzels, granola bar, gummies, crackers)
● A sweet treat (candy, cookies)
● Optional- A small handwritten note and/or coloring sheet & crayons

We accept as as many or as few snack bags as you wish to donate but on average our volunteers donate ~12-18 snack bags at a time.  You can put all the snack bags in a bigger bag or a small box to drop them off to us – whatever is easiest for you!

We collect every first and third Wednesday of every month in the parking lot of Double Oak Town Hall.

*Please contact us at  if you want to contribute but can’t make it during our regular collection times. We are happy to make alternative arrangements!

**We do NOT collect when LISD closes for inclement weather situations.